So you think you’re a good sniper?

by Clayton on May 5, 2010


We all think we’re pretty hot at online shooters right? But could you make that shot for real? Even at a static target? Well a sniper in the British army has set an incredible new sharpshooting distance record. Craig Harrison of the household cavalry killed 2 Taliban machine gunners one after the other with just 2 shots AND the targets were 3,000ft BEYOND his rifles effective range!

“…The first round hit a machine gunner in the stomach and killed him outright;” Corporal Harrison said “He went straight down and didn’t move. The second insurgent grabbed the weapon and turned as my second shot hit him in the side. He went down, too. They were both dead…”

The bullets that fire from his super powerful L115A3 are 8.59mm, a chunky round by any standard, reportedly took almost 3 seconds to reach their target! The distance to the two targets, measured by GPS, was a staggering 8,120ft or 1.54 miles! That’s right you read correctly – one and a half miles people! This was back in 2002.

Isn't she a beauty, surgical in the right hands it would seem

“…It was just unlucky for the Taliban that conditions were so good and we could see them so clearly…” – no kidding! That’s an amazing shot and worth commendation, recognition at very least.

“…We saw two insurgents running through its courtyard, one in a black dishdasha (which is the traditional long white robe style clothing of Arabs), one in green,” he continued “They came forward carrying a PKM machinegun, set it up and opened fire on the commander’s wagon. Conditions were perfect, no wind, mild weather, clear visibility. I rested the bipod of my weapon on a compound wall and aimed for the gunner firing the machinegun. The driver of my Jackal, Trooper Cliff O’Farrell, spotted for me, providing all the information needed for the shot, which was at the extreme range of the weapon…”

Good work fella, glad you’re on our side!

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Alex May 5, 2010 at 1:40 pm

I killed a pigeon once with my sling shot from like 50 meters, thats 3 times its effective range…i know…i rock.

Clayton May 5, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Hahahaha!! Was it a black widow? those bad boys rock especially when coupled with jack marbles…

chris owen May 5, 2010 at 3:37 pm

i do a scaled down version in by back garden with my .177 air rifle and pidgeons as taliban stand ins and a squirrel as osama bin larden he’s never around when the rifle is out lol

Clayton May 5, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Those pigeons sure are paying ;)

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