Google reveal military locations!

by Clayton on March 23, 2010

Google has been asked to remove ‘street level’ pictures from its online mapping service ‘street view’. When I first saw this I was somewhat surprised it had even got to the publishing stage as you can clearly see signs warning that photography of these sites would incur a breach of the official secrets act! So is Google just getting too big for its boots? The guys in the photo vehicles would surely be bright enough to turn off the cameras in these areas? I mean, at very least the driver must be able to read to pass a driving test. Ahhh there’s another thought. A Google spokesman claimed: “…Our drivers are trained not to take photographs where this is prohibited by law, but if mistakes are made we will act quickly to remove the images…” – really?

With the world still on alert from terrorism this is certainly a real clanger dropped by the internet gurus. Among the locations that can be identified is RAF Menwith Hill which is near Harrogate also we have Hanslope Park near Milton Keynes, aka HMGCC (Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre) this is where MI6 supremos break down data from GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) in Cheltenham and Menwith Hill. MI5 headquarters in Westminster is another prominent location and peeping through the trees on a Belfast housing estate the Security Service’s new Loughside headquarters, this is where MI5 monitors Irish dissident terror groups!

There are several other locations clearly visible too from atomic weapons research centres to aircraft in Pontrilas used for Special Forces exercises. Ok Google, maybe one odd snap here and there would be a mistake – the edge of the building, a glimpse of something a little military but certainly not full shots. A Google spokesman has stated: “…If mistakes are made we will remove the images. We’re unaware of any official concerns about security, but are happy to discuss any issues as they arise…” *sigh*

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