Game store shares drop 36%

by Clayton on November 16, 2011

Start here and end up pi**ed of and skint?

I’d never want to see anyone fail, especially any of my local stores which sell games but you can’t help thinking that Game is shooting itself (repeatedly) in the foot and then moaning about the pain. I’ve been in store to buy my last 2 titles, Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3. When I went in to pre-order Batman I asked the guy behind the counter, who turned out to be the manager, said that I would get a £35 trade in for Gears Of War 3 so with my £5 deposit I’d get a straight swap – good times. I’d already finished gears so it made sense this close to Christmas to take advantage of this. When I went to pick it up on day of release sadly the trade had changed. I was with a friend of mine and we both left the store with brain ache, let me try and explain what happened…

I'd like to change the shop title to 'Lame'

I walked into the store with my pre-order receipt and handed it to the guy along with Gears 3 “…Great, thanks, that’ll be 13 pounds to pay…” he said cheerfully. I’m sorry but I was told by that dude there, pointing at the manager, that it would be a straight swap if I traded in Gears. He came over looking quite sheepish “…I’m sorry but its £47.99 and your trade in is worth £30. YIKES! The price of the game was outrageous! My friend who was with me told him that the online price was £39.99 for the same edition and the only reason he’d come into store was because Game hadn’t sent him the one he pre-ordered 4 weeks earlier. *Heavy Sigh* after some wrangling the manager agreed to discount my version but sadly my friend had to pay full price. Neither of us was particularly happy but a few hours fighting crime around Arkham City appeased us both.

With this still ringing in my ears slightly I next went into town to pick up my copy of Battlefield 3 I’d also pre-ordered on the same day as Batman. Surely this would be hassle free? I’d paid a £5 deposit and EVERYWHERE was selling it for £29.99 well, actually some outlets did have it for £32.99 but surely one of the largest game retailers wouldn’t sell it for any more than this? “…With your £5 deposit and your £12 gift card that is £20.99 to pay please…” *Heavier Sigh* fine, I’ll pay it but I had a small vow to myself on the spot that I wouldn’t use game in the future unless it was an extreme gaming emergency. £37.99 For Battlefield 3, ok, I’ve been putting some time into it and I love it but come on Game! The reason your share prices are dropping is exactly the above, you’re unable to compete with supermarkets. Surely you have that same buying power? If not I fail to believe you have to hike the prices this much to turn a profit?

Open 24 hours, cheaper than most and they're everywhere...

Myself and Rich picked up Gears Of War 3 from Tesco at midnight release for £37.99. No hassle just straight in and pick up our pre-order, could this be the future of buying games?

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