Apple iPhone 4S Yellow-Tinged Screen

by Clayton on October 18, 2011

The new iPhone 4S is currently undergoing its widespread release and after ‘Antennagate’, a fault which made you lose calls when holding the handset in a certain way or ‘Death Grip’ as it became known, SURELY the new £500 device will be faultless? It appears not.

Now I know that not all users have found this problem, I’m sure there’s even a few that haven’t even noticed, but a lot of iPhones have been released with a strange yellow hew to the screen. Users have been comparing their new handsets to their old ones and are seeing a definite difference in quality of image. One such post off the Apple forums;

“…Got a new iPhone 4S this morning, and when I put it next to my old iPhone 4 I discovered the screen was much “nicer” on the old iPhone. It’s got a really yellow tint compared to the screen on the 4 – whites are where you notice it the most. The email looks far nicer on the iPhone 4 screen. All other colours look quite washed out. Anyone else got this problem..?”

Old Vs. New, hardly noticeable...

People who claim to be in the know have suggested it’s down to epoxy glue used between the layers of the touchscreen. They have also suggested a possible fix – turn the brightness to max for at least a week to allow it to dry out fully. Has the handset been rushed out? Has the passing of Steve Jobs caused a slight panic at Apple? Its early days for ‘Yellowgate’ but it’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds or if Apple themselves throw any light on it, get it? Light on it? *sigh* fine…


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