Stella Gaming


We’ve played games for most of our lives in private. We’d get together to hammer booze and play games, to completion in most cases, and we started to think that maybe it would be fun to document these sessions. Stella gaming is the culmination of that idea. We’ll post our pre and post game feelings, list the beers we drank, talk about the levels we’ve played and what we liked and didn’t like. We’re essentially opening a window for you into ourgaming session.


These sessions have pretty much happened since we were 10 although it was pop and crisps round at Rich’s in the beginning. We’ve always been into gaming and relish a good co-op game; we eat them up like awesome pancakes. This is like a personal invite for you guys to see what happens when two 35 year old teenagers get together for beers and games, enjoy!

The guilty parties are Clayton, Rich and usually Sam when she shows interest in the game.

These sessions will contain spoilers, check out the category Stella Gaming

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