Gaming joy after Welsh washout

by Clayton on July 15, 2010

Civ 4 - sadly not Wales

After having some much needed time off and spending some quality time with my good lady I thought I’d give you guys an update on things. We had a pretty disastrous 4 hours in Wales, being told by several friends the ‘Wales is lovely’ and don’t get me wrong it is but there was feck all to do in Aberystwyth and I mean absolutely FECK all! We’d booked a place for 2 days and it really only took 4 hours to decide we’d prefer to be in my shoebox of a flat than in a hotel that resembled a crooked house…  We even struggled to find somewhere to eat where you didn’t stick to the floor.

“…Aberystwyth is considered the most important business and tourist area in Mid Wales and is a unique seaside town. The whole area is one of outstanding natural beauty and the town itself boasts a University, The National Library, a growing yachting Marina, a renowned theatre, many lively bars and restaurants and a long promenade with views across Cardigan Bay…” – my arse it is…

Anyway, the rest of the time was taken up with paintballing and quad biking for Alex’s stag event (thanks for shooting me in the ‘hoop’ by the way Al). A trip to Alton Towers to ride all the ‘good stuff’ in the week and incidentally I scream far more than my lady does on roller coasters but shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

Of course! The hat goes on the head...

We decided to do our own thing for a couple of days to chill out after the week’s events. This for me entailed 1 day on the Xbox and the other on the PC. I tried to cram as much in as possible so I started with Toy Soldiers, a cracking game I mentioned in an earlier article. I was determined to finish a few games in this 2 days and I was sure I’d almost done with this one but once I’d finished it I unlocked a whole other campaign! Bring out ze Germans! Just one more level…just one more level…just one more level…trust me play it and you’ll see.

I then turned my attention to Castle Crashers and having only played this with the usual suspects I wanted to see if it was fun in single player mode. I started to use a character I’d unlocked, the skeleton type character to be exact, and decided to pump his agility to max to see how good the bow was. Well, with the bow as my main weapon I achieved the same that all 4 of us did over 2 nights in around 3 hours! Talk about fast takedowns and of corse I was at distance so took next to no damage. So if your gonna play it I suggest at least one of the 4 players chooses a bow as your main.

So, Whos first?

So PC wise I’d done the usual that a lot of gamers do (I think) and stockpiled an assload of cheap, classic games on steam for a ‘rainy day’. Well it wasn’t raining but now was the time…

I played Portal – which pecked my head in places, Spellforce 2 Gold edition which is a superb RTS come RPG. It’s very time consuming but really gives you the feeling of emersion. Then onto Civalization 4 which I also got a bunch of expansion packs for but having not played anything in this series for some time decided to work through the tutorial which took quite some time as you can imagine! I almost started a character in Everquest seeing how Rich had gifted me this some time ago but soon dismissed this idea due to time and strongly followed by an overwhelming feeling of ‘can’t be arsed’

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