Games Induce Violence? – Take the ‘F’ out of way

by Clayton on May 4, 2011

It’s been a question surrounding video games for some time now – do video games incite violence in people? Well the answer is no. We all knew that right? It appears it needed Huddersfield University to conduct a study with its findings being presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Glasgow. The study which focussed on ‘whether events that cause emotional responses in reality trigger similar responses when played in video games’ was conducted on 40 male and female gaming guinea pigs (no disrespect).

After seeing this me and Rich instantly tried to find a crazy doctor to crucify...

Dr Simon Goodson and Sarah Pearson of said Huddersfield University used Call of Duty and FIFA, among others, to test responses to certain situations. There was very little change to brain activity when shooting an enemy dead in game but much higher activity when conceding or scoring a goal.

“…There is much concern over the effects of violent video games and how these contribute to general aggression. However, this research indicates that ‘killing’ someone is not as ‘real’ as playing a sport, and that the brain recognises this and doesn’t react in the same way. We all know how people react when England plays in the World Cup, and we found these strong emotions could be reproduced by playing a football video game. The player can identify with a real-life experience and call up those emotions and aggression more easily than in a situation they would not have encountered, such as killing an individual (in game)…” Dr Goodson Said.

“…We’ve found that driving and ‘road rage’ scenarios also lead to people becoming angry very quickly compared with a shooting, which is likely to be the result of having experienced these feelings in real life. These findings suggest it cannot be automatically assumed that violent content leads directly to aggression, and that further research should attempt to uncover the aspects of video games which can lead to an aggressive response…” he concluded.

Did the intelligent among us really need telling this?

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