World Of Warcraft Gear Optimizer

by Clayton on September 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

I’ve been using this little gem to tweak my gear on WOW. If like me reforging confuses you (yes I’m a little sad thanks for noticing) then this will sort you right out! It also suggests best in slot for various different specs. Papamac and Jammy – I suggest you guys look at this as soon as humanly possible! If ever our guild wipes its naturally Jammy’s fault. He may not even be logged on and playing but its still his fault – possible guild rules revision in progress… Papamac is an up and coming healer (although i think we miss his DPS) who’s life has gotten easier in raids since he now follows Jammy, our tank, and basically refuses to heal anyone else! Anyway i digress go here for the awesomeness;

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