To Wii or not to Wii, that is the question.

by Clayton on April 22, 2010

From guest writer Alex, cheers dude – nice article :)

Get Some!

Well since Christmas it has been anyway. Me any my fair lady decided mid December 2009 that it would be a good idea to purchase a Nintendo Wii as a joint Christmas present for one another, so we did…a nice shiny black one! I have always adamantly stated that Wii’s are for children and adults with learning difficulties ?, but after participating in several Wii nights in the comfort of a multitude of friends living rooms I began to feel….confused. On nearly all occasions I had been whipped into a frenzy of Wii rapture, carried by a torrent of genuine laughter and enjoyment…and on several occasions I wasn’t even drunk.

How was this possible I asked myself? I am neither a child nor an adult with learning difficulties (the mother in law may beg to differ), so why did I find it all so enjoyable?

It transpired that her indoors had also been introduced to the Wii fit, and the Wii balance board, you know, the thing advertised on telly allowing fat, smelly, socially recluse individuals to get a sweat on in the privacy of their own home by exerting what looks to be little more effort than a normal person would exert whilst getting dressed in the morning. Despite it telling her she was obese, had shit balance and of poor physical ability (not something women usually take well), she loved it!

So yes we got one…and it was fun….for about 2 days. The sense of achievement I gained from beating my Mrs. in the head with a stick until she fell off a large platform was at first glorious, a release, but after a while I felt empty. She has her sports and I have mine, basketball, ping pong, golf…..all not for me, although entertaining none the less.

In light of my inadequacies I decided it may be wise to practice, and as a competitive sportsman this seemed only right. So, one evening I returned from work, switched the Wii on, loaded up sports resort and began. It was about 30 minutes later that I encountered a low moment in my life. I was sat on my sofa with a Wii remote in one hand and my head in the other. Immeasurably bored, lonely and with a sore right arm, I almost felt dirty. Alone, this was a most miserable, depressing and un-enjoyable experience, a stark contrast to the nights spent with friends shooting water at stuff controlled by my tilting anus.

Whilst I am aware that other titles are available that do not involve waving your arms around like a total lunatic….things that almost look like proper games, for those I have an Xbox!

I want to be the car!

Do I regret buying the Wii….no. It’s truly an awesome tool to entertain guests who you have little or no interest in entertaining yourself. Turn the Wii on and conversation is pretty much stopped dead, people too engrossed in who is coming first on bowling. We still haven’t got a Wii-fit-plus-board-thing because she pays to go to the gym, and isn’t a fat, smelly or a social recluse! The purchase of Monopoly and Trivial pursuit has however given life to our fading Wii nights, and till this day we still enjoy the odd session, power to the board games!

To Wii or not to Wii? It depends on who’s round!

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Clayton April 22, 2010 at 3:49 pm

I agree dude to be honest. Sold mine due to only using it when people came round. You know how i like to sit 3 feet from my massive TV and play on the XBox but limited with the Wii as the controller needs line of sight. I found Zelda a bit dilute and spent most of the time playing Wario Smooth Moves. Load up BFBC2 i say and make those Russians pay ;)

Rich April 22, 2010 at 4:38 pm

I agree; it’s really a ‘party’ system. I’ve really not played it much outside of a ‘mates round and beers in’ scenario. It has potential and a few really great single player games like “No more heroes”,one of my favourite Wii games, but they are too few and far between to be a stand up competitor to the Xbox 360 or PS3. Truth be told, I really think it’s not even trying to compete with them. It has it’s own market share and it isn’t the hard core gamer. I won’t be selling mine, I know as soon as I do a triple A title will be released.

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