Star Wars The Old Republic

by Clayton on March 31, 2011

Fans of the site will know that myself and the guys have played pretty much every major MMO going. So when Jase and Rich mailed me in tandem saying “…check this shit out…” with a link to the new Star Wars MMO I naturally peed a little through excitement…

Then I had a flash back to the last Star Wars MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, and the excitement rapidly change to apprehension then to disgust and finally to a minor helping of terror. This game had a lot to prove. The first thing I wanted to see was gameplay, surely the first thing any real gamer wants to see. The developers can often talk a good game but I want to see ‘The Juice’.

And here my pedigree chums is ‘The Juice’

The disappointment of Galaxies still rings in my ears. People who took part in the beta paid £40 for the privilege and i must admit it could be forgiven its quirks due to the fact it looked and played very well but was heavily broken – which is pretty much how they released it! I have hight hopes for the new one, come on guys play a blinder.

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