Microsoft Xbox360 Kinect Release Date Revealed!

by Clayton on August 18, 2010

Microsoft has finally given a date and price to their long awaited peripheral Kinect but having released it with a price tag that almost matches a brand new shiny Wii who’s likely to go for it? All the videos I’ve seen so far make you look like a proper plum using it. They plan to take it on the road for the summer to showcase what it can do. Alton Towers, Chessington World Of Adventures, London Zoo, The Thames Festival in London, and the Clothes Show Live in the NEC Birmingham are among the venues to see the new hardware and they’re also making a ‘Static Demo’ at Covent Garden in London but apparently you have to book a 30 minute demo slot – good luck with that…

Will Bill have a multi link up to all users like some kind of super voyeur?

Facebook events are also available and some of the demos will be filmed so you can upload them to You Tube or just share them with your friends. Renowned gamer Tinie Tempah had this to say:

“…Kinect for Xbox 360 is the best gaming experience I have had in the last five years. I am so bad at bowling but I was amazing at it on Kinect Sports. I got a few strikes too..!” – Good work fella I think you’re almost ready for Horace goes skiing…

Ok, so as a cool piece of tech goes this fits the bill quite nicely and it ticks the boxes to get people off the sofa and exercising like the Wii does and a lot of parents will go for that and let’s face it it’s another superb marketing move from Microsoft releasing it just before Christmas and the sort of ‘Main Present’ price. For myself I do quite like it and maybe if there were a good fighting game for it or better still a multiplayer Mech based game I’d be all over it like white on rice…

Alright, i’ll admit Star Wars looks sexy… £130 gets you the device and released 10th of November in the UK

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