In Training for Battlefield 3

by Clayton on September 9, 2011

Why do medics get full on machine guns!?

It’s not long now until the release of the new Battlefield 3 which I’m sure we’re all excited about. Hell I know a few people buying new PC’s to coincide with its release so they get the full ‘creaminess’. How many of us are still playing BFBC2? With not a great deal going on in our WOW guild just now I decided to dust off my account and get back into some fast paced online goodness. I forgot just how great this game is. Coming back to an FPS after months of WOW was a bit of a shock to the system and my initial few hours were RUBBISH! I couldn’t hit a barn door with a basketball! Had I really degraded this much? The simple answer was yes! And dam embarrassed I was too – I jumped straight into games with my WOW pals and consistently provided easy points for the opposition…



…So guess what I did ALL weekend? That’s right I plonked myself in front of the PC and didn’t stop playing until I was averaging a minimum of 2000 point a match. This isn’t to say I didn’t have my ‘Hail Mary’ matches where I pulled in a good 10,000 but it felt good to be doing something other than Firelands raiding. I decided it was my target recognition that was failing me but I soon sorted that out. Oh sweet first person shooters seems I’ve missed you more than I thought but naturally, as the title suggests, it’s all just training in prep for the new BF3.


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