Heavy Rain – Press X to JASON!

by Clayton on April 23, 2010

The wettest game ever?

For our first Stella Gaming session we rented 3 potential games from the local Blockbuster. Heavy Rain, Just Cause 2, and Army of Two the 40th day. As a group we decided to focus our attention on Heavy Rain as we’d heard it’s quite short so we can probably finish it in one sitting. Wrong.

Warning!! Spoliers are in this article!

Initial feelings about heavy rain


I’ve heard very little about the game other than it’s a massive Quick-Time-Event-fest. This alone has made me very apprehensive of the game. I’m not a massive fan of QTE’s and think they detract from the pacing of a game and can, if done badly, yank you out of the immersion the game has built up. The game poses the question “how far would you go to save someone you love?” We intend to find out.


The guys at work had been talking a lot about this game and how different it was, we’re always on the lookout for something different hence the choice. I was worried it would feel on rails, time to find out i guess.

The Session

The session began at 13:15 on a warm,sunny Saturday afternoon. Perfect weather for sitting indoors in front of a video game. We’d nipped out to Morrisons and bought 15 cans of Stella Artois 4%, 4 large bottles of Peroni, and 4 cans of Carlsberg lager. We had the games, the willingness to drink, and a day free. What could stop us now?

Tic followed toc followed tic...


A massive update, that’s what. Living ‘in the sticks’ like I do has it’s upsides and downsides. One downside is my terrible internet connection. A two hundred MB download isn’t a problem for most and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes but I never seem to get a decent download speed from the PlayStation Network. The mickey taking about my internet connection begins and continues unabated until the patch completes. To rub salt in the wound, it then downloads an additional 40 MB patch. The game finally loads and we are greeted with a mandatory installation screen. Heavy sighs all round until we find that they’ve included a quick Origami lesson to do while the game installs. Superb idea! We all get busy with our sides of A4.


Slight problems initially as stated. Firstly the game disc looked like someone had eaten a full roast dinner off it! Could the huge download be extra content? fixes? either way it was an annoyance, PC games you can understand due to the vast differences in hardware but the only real differences with PS3s is hard drive size and net connection speed. Meh! Come on game! Entertain us!

We’re in, we’re in! no, installing now…double meh.

A wide selection of folded paper...


It turns out that Sam and I are great at Origami and Clay likes to take a more freestyle approach and folded out a stunning “Land shark”. These 3 works of art take position in front of the TV.


As you can see my origami skills are limited to say the least. Rich named it a “Land shark” – fitting due to the end result, always known my brain works differently to the standard human unit. Can’t deny I liked this novel approach whilst it installed, took the edge off a little.

The game begins in an idyllic suburban fantasy


Not a drop of rain in sight. Clayton guides Ethan through the tasks of getting up in the morning. There are a number of mundane tasks to carry out, for the purpose of a tutorial we presumed. Less than five minutes into the game and there’s a bare man ass on screen. What kind of game have we rented? Ethan is now dressed and wandering his house. He thinks ‘Maybe I can squeeze in a little garden time’. I’ve never thought that in my life. Is that the kind of things normal people think about? Biggest Orange Juice carton in the world found in Ethan’s fridge. Clay goes to take a drink and quickly discovers that wearing a heavy watch while playing is inadvisable; some of the controller motions require vigorous shaking. Ethan’s wife and children come home and you play with the kids and set the dinner table. We get the feeling Ethan is being setup for a massive fall, everything seems too perfect. Tutorial over and we are all impressed with the graphics engine. The QTEs are good and the motions match the actions on screen. There is worry that there are a lot of menial tasks and that was the bulk of the game play. Worries set aside as this must have been because it was a tutorial.

Time for a shave?


Tutorial level for sure. Superb graphics – very well drawn characters. Very idyllic setting for the family home. Bright sunshine outside, unlike the rest of the ‘Bladerunner’ dark, moody feel to the game. I think we were all quite apprehensive at this point, controls felt fluid but unsure of the validity of certain interactions. Chuckles all round though when asked to help set the table and got sidetracked by the cool little remote controlled car in the dining area, couldn’t hurt i thought. First moral dilemma here too – win or lose at the sword fight, didn’t feel i could ‘run Shaun through’ with a plastic blade so i let him win. Already starting to feel an empathy for the strong family unit these characters seem to have.


Heh, unit!


@Rich sigh… ;)

General mood: Everyone happy.

Shopping Mall


Press X to JASON! That’s the main thing I took away from this level. The crowded shopping mall is well done and the crowds of people also work well. They remind me of the crowds in Hitman: Blood Money only I can’t shoot them in the face. Shame. Ethan buys his son JASON! a red balloon from a creepy looking clown. JASON! wanders off while Ethan has to look for his money. At this point, we’re walking through the crowd following the red balloon while pressing X to yell JASON! There’s a red herring where you follow the wrong balloon and eventually find JASON! outside on the other side of the road. JASON! runs out into the busy road and Ethan leaps to save his son. Both are hit by the car. So long sunny days and suburban bliss. Here comes the rain. The crowd in this level really helped the tension. They held you up just enough to not frustrate you as you followed JASON! The whole scene was well done.


First real taste of the game and i have to agree the crowds are amazing, great interaction and movement. Fumbling for the money was a necessary evil I guess to add to the tension. Jason is much more spritely the second time he bolts, like the way you follow to some other kid with a balloon. The accident unfolds with baited breath ‘No you fool, wait’ but it happens so fast and both are marmalised by an oncoming car – bad times. Good job we’d just opened a delicious Peroni to ease the pain.

General mood: Still pretty good.

Ethan’s hell-hole of a house


It’s Raining. It’s heavy. Heavy Rain. I see what they did there. Ethan picks up Shaun from school. Everyone is miserable and unhappy. Very dark and gritty tone now compared to the first two levels. Ethan now lives alone in a run-down house. Clayton at the helm instinctively finds his way straight to ‘the game’ in this level. In Ethan’s garden is a basketball hoop and ball. We then take turns for around 10 minutes shooting hoops. We have to call it at a stalemate as Sam claims that “we need to get on with it”. Fair enough. Clay discovers the fruit and starts to juggle…badly. After multiple attempts he nails it at the cost of some badly bruised fruit. The rest of this level plays out with Ethan getting Shaun to do his homework, cook him dinner and then send him to bed. Debates begin among us about if this is still actually a game. Ethan suffers a flash back of some kind at the very end of this level. We feel that all this dullness is leading up to something a little more exciting; maybe the washing up. This game is lacking fire arms and a run button.



Is this still a tutorial at this point? Found the basketball game a welcome competition. During shooting hoops the screen splits to Shaun in the house about to clamber on a chair to reach something in a high cupboard ‘Oh my life! not another child death?’. Rushing back in finds Shaun to be fine and clutching a bag of crisps (phew). The game has certainly shifted gears on us to a moody city scape and a noticeable dark feel. Not 100% about what’s happened right now, Ethan appears single and no sign of Jason. A quest for Shaun’s teddy bear is given, the only action so far, found downstairs and delivered to a sleeping child.

General mood: Good.

Scott Shelby / Prostitute apartment


14:55 and Sam has finally fallen asleep with all the excitement. Guess all the cooking and homework was too much excitement for a pregnant woman. We’re in control of Scott Shelby now, a beat up, worn down, asthmatic private detective with the weight of the world on his shoulders. I love these types of characters so things are looking up. Looks like he’s investigating the Origami killer by speaking to the parents of the murdered children. He finds Lauren in a dilapidated apartment prostituting her self out. Little chit chat, we played it smooth and got no where. We leave and have an asthma attack in the hall. Then a “sex pest” arrives that starts to rough up Lauren. We kick in the door and partake in a well choreographed fight. With the “sex pest” dealt with, we leave.


Funny how ‘ greasing someones palm’ yields results, the guy on reception at the hotel was no different, he gave up Lauren’s apartment details quick smart! The fight was good and the first non linear scene so far. It did give me the hump a little though that Shelby had an asthma attack in the corridor but was perfectly fine after a huge scrap! Am i splitting hairs? Don’t think so… There was a bowl of fruit here and unlike Ethan i guess Shelby didn’t have a penchant for tossing fruit. (note to self – not all fruit is for juggling)

General mood: Good.

FBI Norman Jayden at a crime scene


Clays in charge of this limp shade of an FBI agent. He scours the crime scene with his A.R.I. for clues as a child lies dead under a small tent. So far, my opinion of the quick time events is swinging towards the better.


Being into games I’m not to into being spoon fed my investigating but I liked what they’d done here. The subtle blast from the glove to assess the area was good although very localised to the body at this point. I scanned a lot of the surrounding area only to find other cops footprints – still a nice touch though. Examining the body was also good, no strict order in which to collect data and a trail of pollen to follow away from the body. Great touch on climbing a slippery, muddy train embankment although i felt like i could use a third hand at some points. All in all a great scene, I think things are picking up as all I’ve done so far is had a mock sword fight, took a piss, cooked a microwave meal and dealt with a moody child, unsure if Rich has seen a walkthrough… ;)

Sweet, sweet Stella

General mood: General unease.

Ethan and Shaun at the playground


Sam wakes to find us in control of Ethan in a park with Shaun. We remarked on how the bond with the characters was starting to form as Shaun FINALLY cheered up and started to enjoy himself. Then a flash back and now Shaun is missing. Wait, whats this? Press X to SHAUN! I see a pattern forming.


Struggled like billy-o to find cash whilst Jason was disappearing into a crowd but straight into the correct pocket for sweets and a ride on the carousel. Still liking the bonding between these characters, the empathy is flowing just like the Stellas.

General mood: Cautious.

FBI Norman Jayden in Police Precinct


Sam wants to play. She’s in the police office sitting on chairs and straightening ties. Tough life in the FBI. She finally gets an office and A.R.I. starts to shine. The ‘virtual environment’ was excellently executed and the detecting of the clues was nice too. Norman seems to be hooked on some kind of Narc like drug. Nice.

The silence from detecting is broken at 15:45 as Clay suffers a really nasty Carbon Dioxide burp that almost takes his face off.

Go for the eyes boo!


This is my first and hopefully last leg crossing/uncrossing simulator! Can’t help feeling there would have been an achievement had as Sam fluidly crossed and uncrossed – maybe the ‘Knocking ‘em Bandy’ award – I’m guessing… And now a tie tying simulator! it is funny i suppose, never seen it in a game. All is forgiven when the virtual reality evidence checker is engaged. This is something i really like, a good opportunity to go over what we know and investigate a few things we don’t, hell maybe even point the odd finger! It comes to light that Jayden is a bit of a smack head, great twist. Maybe he’ll get smacked up, grab an Armalite AR10 and pump round after round into unsuspecting colleagues…please… Feeling like the pace needs to increase a little, Sam has already had a power nap.

Bodily functions will probably disgust a lot of readers but i can safely say that particular burp did nearly take my face off. To much C02 piped directly down my nose, wasn’t sure of the magnitude so thought I’d be safe – wrong on all levels. Eyes watered heavily and I gasped for breath, surrounding ‘Friends’ were full of sympathy…

General mood: Impressed and frustrated at same time.

Scott Shelby in corner shop


Shelby is talking to another parent of the victims. We get in a fight with some dude trying to rob the place. I wind him up then take him down. More action! This is turning into a game.


So Shelby is out of insulin and gets himself off to the local drugstore where he engages in conversation with the guy behind the counter who also lost their child. Some guy spills in and tries to rob the place. I was hoping there would be access to a lighter or some matches to compliment an idea I had about taking him down by hosing him with a 4 foot flame from a deodorant can – no such luck. Reasoning with him didn’t work so Rich soon wrestled the punk to the ground and bitch slapped him – paper lizard gained.

General mood: Relieved at finally getting into a fight.

Madison Page in Apartment


Clay takes over and low and behold, he’s perfoming routine actions in the bathroom again. Then, at 16:10, BAM! BOOBIES! Our attention is reinvigorated. Clay fights off three attackers in a dream sequence’. I hate that crap. The fight, while feeling cheap for being a dream sequence, was again dramatic and exciting.


Had to mention the boobs really. Again not much full frontal (almost) nudity in games but it was my turn, must be some washing up to do… NO! A fight scene and its all mine, tense action but the dream outcome made us all let out a Napoleon Dynamite size sigh.

General mood: Feel robbed by dream sequence but invigorated by boobs.

Ethan at train station


The pacing for this game feels really off. It doesnt flow. Don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying it so far and it is graphically excellent, it’s just feels poorly placed.

Ethan now has a phobia of train stations, crowds, tramps, take your pick. Either way, he’s not happy right where he is. We get a shoe box from the locker with a gun in it! FINALLY!


Ethan in a train station now with what looks like the combination to a locker. Crowds are my current fave thing and getting the sweats whilst trying to navigate this one makes it somewhat tense. Rich is right though, feels a little all over the place just now. The flashback before opening the locker involving Jason adds a real creepy edge to this scene but seeing Rich’s eyes light up upon finding a gun and it was like Christmas for all of us. Shoebox in a locker though? classic or old hat?

General mood: Improving at the prospect of finding a gun.

FBI Norman Jayden Investigating Nathaniel Williams


Sam is the calm logical one of the group. It was a shock to us all when she shot and killed Nathaniel. I may have pushed her but she pulled the trigger.


Pushed her a little! You may as well have shot a hole in the screen yourself! ;) Nathaniel seems ‘Fragile’ in the extreme but handling him gently after just acquiring a gun is the last thing on our minds. We’re all thinking that Blake is a little gung ho, maybe that’s what the game calls for? Feels like interacting with a movie, not sure if i’m just a little distracted by Army Of Two winking at me, beckoning me to go back to back with my best mate to take down a hundred plus enemies. No, must play on, things are heating up.

General mood: Shocked as Sam guns down Nathaniel.

16:10pm - more magical to some...

Scott Shelby and the suicidal Woman


Scott is investigating another parent. He rescues the mother that had just attempted suicide. He changes nappies, dresses wounds, and feeds a baby. A dark and forboding atmosphere foreshadows a sinister end to this tragically unfolding tale. Also, this Peroni is amazing! Clay dispenses a theory that we all buy into. Right now, we think we’ve got the game sussed. Not so.


Baby changing! it must be my go… Caring scene though, did feel a little bad for the mother when her story unfolded. Emily, the baby, sure could absorb some milk! Sam initially ‘Slam Dunked’ her back into her pram too, is it wrong to laugh?

General mood: Amused.

Ethan 1st task


Oh man, I’m drunk driving against traffic now but it’s fun. At one point the controller barrel rolls out of my hands and knocks over a beer. Tragic. The car ends up on its roof.


‘Drive against the traffic’ – that Tom Tom needs an update. Car chase did feel exciting but still have that feeling its a little on rails. Point enforced when Rich decided to bowl the controller at a single Peroni – it was a strike but no penalty for missing actions on screen. Schoolboy drinking error if i’m honest, decided to keep quiet though after the earlier shortness of breath due to carbon dioxide inhalation…


General mood: Sorrowful at loss of a fine beer.

Madison Page at a Motel


She checks into a hotel. Mint.

General mood: Meh.

FBI Norman Jayden at a market


Sam controls Norman through a fish market and gets the shit kicked out of him in a meat locker. Booze clouding judgement now.


Pace appears to be increasing now – both game and drinking. Managed to choke down around 8 beers at this point. Am i starting to enjoy this game? Think so but don’t tell anyone…

General mood: Another decent fight raises spirits.

Scott Shelby PI office / Ethan 2nd Task


Now he’s partnering with Lauren. Story is still intriguing. They both go to Gordi’s party. Lots of fake “shout talking”, you know, when people are shouting without shouting because they are pretending to be at a loud party. More booze, concentration slipping, mind wanders to thoughts of kebabs. Sam takes over control as me and Clay start to loose coherence. I remember Sam playing as Ethan crawling through tunnels full of glass. Think this is the second clue. A kebab right now would be amazing. Now she’s crawling though a load of electrified cables. It’s too much to take. That’s enough for one day. Wrapped up at 19:00. Sam would like to add that the bit with the cables was really hard but she did it.


Must admit the lure of a Kebab at this point is somewhat overwhelming, especially approaching beer number 10. The party scene was ok, camera angles were a little off. Lauren gyrates then faints – classic chick diversion manoeuvre, good work Lauren. I have a recollection of Ethan crawling on broken glass and getting semi fried by electricity but cant remember the validity of the scene. Sweet, sweet Stella…

General mood: Surly and wanting a kebab

Next morning, all refreshed and ready for action.

FBI Norman Jayden Investigating Psychiatrist


Blake harasses the the shrink and he spills the beans on Ethan.


Thought this was an FBI agent leaning simulator due to that appearing like the only action Jayden could take at present. Blake is still very heavy handed but it seems to work and the shrink surrenders info.

General mood: Refreshed and pumped full of caffeine

They're MINE!

Scott Shelby Golf Range


Shelby’s putting the heat on Mr Kramar, Gordis father. Clay finds the game again and is golfing. 250+ yards. More chit chat and WHAM 300+ yards! Clays final attemp falls short of 50 yards. Kramer tries to buy out Shelby but he’s having none of it.


The plot is really thickening up now, almost like Shelby has poured a kilo bag of virtual ‘plot cornflour’ into the gaming mix. This bit was fun, pulling out nuggets of info from Kramer whilst driving some balls down the range, certainly beat the afore mentioned leaning simulator. Ethan is the killer? Seems to obvious.

General mood: Intrigued

Ethan on his 3rd clue


Sam controls Ethan as he wanders an abandoned apartment block. There are loads of Porcelain lizards everywhere (note to self, “Porcelain Lizard” is a great name for an album). Sam smashes lizards left and right. Finally she finds a key and gains entry to a room. Here she finds that she must cut off a finger infront of the camera to get the next clue. Awesome! We have 5 minutes to gather all the ‘tools’. Heating a Rebar to cauterize the wound, disinfectant, and booze. Finally, the weapon of the choice, the axe.

Axe 1 : Ethan 0

Madison comes to Ethans aid and helps him escape through the subway while Blake and Norman chase them down.


This was a real surprise, great scene – no feeling of rails here with the amount of different outcomes. Chop your own finger off for a reward!? Twisted… Scene cuts to 4 coppers crammed into a Nissan Cherry, Madison appears on her bike and finds Ethan in a bad way – no questions asked on her part and promptly helps them both escape. Into the subway as the cops close in, quickly across the tracks! Phew, escaped but sure feels like ‘only just’.

General mood: Pleased with finger chopping scene

Ethan and Madison at Motel


Clay’s in control and is moping around a room again. He confides in Madison about the black outs and then ditches her. Height of game play, Ethan having a piss. We’re off to kill a dude!


Just more flavour here, good interactions though.

General mood: Very chatty

FBI Norman Jayden at piano in hotel bar

Blake's a prick but his heart's in the right place


Norman is not convinced that Ethan is responsible for the murders. A bit of detecting later and we find out the chop shop where the stolen car the killer used came from. Clay suffers a triptocaine withdrawal. He fights it by downing vodka, good man! He’s sick and then dives in the shower fully clothed,

Norman 1 : Triptocaine 0


Another great scene! Jayden having a major withdraw attack – kept at bay with Russia’s finest and a cold shower. Achievement gained for hitting all notes on the piano, dizzy heights.

General mood: Flippant

Scott Shelby at Manfords


Clay retains control until something good happens, that seems to be his lot in Heavy Rain. If there’s anything menial to be done in this game, he’ll find it. Chit chat and whiskey ensues as Manfred identifies the typewriter. Then he’s dead! Clay cleans up all the finerprints and leaves. Next thing he’s in a police station. Must have missed something. To quote Shelby in the police station “This isn’t a game”. You know what Shelby, 80% of the time, it really isn’t. Lauren and Shelby fight and make up, what a pair!


Considering the outcome to the game, on reflection, this seemed a little strange. I was certain I cleaned all prints but ended up in the cop shop anyway. Said the wrong thing to Lauren driving back, she grabs the wheel wanting me to pull over and let her out. Shelby is full of remorse and talks her round.

General mood: Wondering if Shelby has any chance of action with Lauren

Ethan at drug dealers house


I’m in control and have a gun. Something exciting is about to happen. True to its nature, there’s a shoot out and a chase through his apartment. I end up with the upper hand and put the dealer down like a dog while he bleats on about his family. My broken family didn’t concern him 30 seconds ago when he was shooting at me with a shotgun. Dick!


Action! And I’d just passed the controller… Good shoot out though and Rich blasts him mercilessly in the face, all he deserves really.

General mood: Cold blooded

Madison and the struck off surgeon


We don’t trust this guy from the off. Clay’s given a drink. Against our advice, Clay drinks. Now he wakes up in the Rape cellar. Press X to scream. Nice! Tense moment with a drill and Madison’s private parts but she’s saved by the bell. Clay, grasping at the opportunity to finaly get some action, breaks free and kicks the hell out of the guy in another excellent fight scene. He finishes him with a drill and heads out to the blue lagoon club.


This has to be the best scene in the game, in my opinion. Held onto the drink for some time before i decide to drink it, thought it would help keep up the charade but no! Drugged and dragged to my doom. Knock at the door and the screen splits – one image of me attempting to break free and another of the weirdo surgeon answering the door. Tense much!? Broke free and running for the door but he didn’t want me to leave, he’s still got the idea in his head he’d like to drill through my lower intestine. After a huge scuffle i took the drill from him and put it where the sun doesn’t shine and never will again for this freak.

General mood: Still impressed with the fight scenes

FBI Norman Jayden and Mad Jack


Mad Jack is hostile and Sam is in control of Norman as he finds traces of the car. There’s a fight with Mad Jack and Sam wins. Then drug withdrawals kick in and Mad Jack overcomes Norman. Not good. Norman wakes up bound in his car as it’s carried towards a car shredder. Sam tries valiantly to free Norman but fails.

Norman 0 : Shredder 1

A stunned silence falls over the room as we take in the fact that Norman, a character that had started to grow on us, is chopped and crushed into little pieces. We all got comfortable thinking that none of the characters could fail. Very cool.


Game is really hotting up now. Mad Jack is a real bruiser and we all knew he was going to be trouble. We were unable to save Jayden from a somewhat grizzly ending proving we are well and truly off the rails. More good investigation usage though.

General mood: Shocked and Impressed

No achievement for feeding Norman to the shredder

The Blue Lagoon


Couldn’t help but drum up images of the gay bar in Police Academy at this point. That aside, this scene was graphically stunning. Madison needs to ‘Slut Up’ and dance for the greasy sleaze bag in the VIP area so Rich takes her off to the ladies. Six inches off the bottom of her skirt, expose the bra and extra make-up (which Rich put on with the lightest touch i might add) all adds to a much sexier look. There’s a bit of a struggle to get her groove on, had we lost basic motor skills? Third attempt is a charm though and we’re soon invited upstairs for fun and frolics. More chit chat and a gun is pulled to force a reluctant Madison to take it all off! More buttons come undone and its crunch point… The lamp dam it! smack the bearded fool! BAM – right in the kisser. Now the shoe is on the other foot or rather we had a gun to his balls. He sang like a canary, we casually saunter out of the club…


This guy I was ‘slutting’ about for reminded my of Avid Merrion. Turns out I can’t dance dirty and make for an awkward strip-tease. It’s good to know.

General mood: Dirty

Shelby PI Office / Flash back


Clays in control and is cooking eggs. Rock and roll. Shelby and Lauren end up at a graveyard looking for John Sheppards grave. We play a flashback and are on a construction site running around with our brother. High Jinx goes wrong and John is stuck in a drain pipe up to his neck. His foot is stuck and the water is rising. Tense.


The best dam virtual omelette ever cooked! Although im sure he said he would make scrambled eggs… Tough twist to the story with the kid dying due to drowning. Would have been good if you could have chucked a brick end and the dad that wouldn’t help.

General mood: Sombre

Ethan and Madison motel room

Face time


Ethan and Madison kiss, it looks awkward. It gets worse and evolves into a dry humping session from the look of it. Ethan discovers Madison is a journalist and is pissed off. We forgiver her. It’s just easier that way. Madison warns Ethan that the police are outside when she goes to get something to eat. Ethan makes a break for the roof and is grabbed by the police. He’s locked up and done for the rest of the game. Bummer.


The ‘Love Scene’ was somewhat bizarre to watch but we didn’t really want or need a full on porn outburst. The escape was tense but i failed to get away from the cops, ankle grabbed and pulled down just before climbing onto the roof. Characters are dropping like flies…

General mood: Disappointed

Shelby and Lauren in PI Office / Kramers House


Kramer captures Shelby and Lauren and tie them up in Shelby’s car. The car is dumped in the river. I get Shelby loose and go to free Lauren but mistake which ‘action’ wakes her. I kick the window out and escape. “ah well, think of the mission”. Shelby goes on a killing spree at Kramer’s place. All his goons are dead and Kramer is begging for his life. His son was a copy cat of the Origami killer and he actually killed a kid. Kramer has a heart attack and begs us to get his pills. We walk out on him, stone cold and still cool as f….


Escaping the car got confusing which only fuelled the scene honesty told. Shelby escapes but the hooker drowns, ahh well lets go and see Kramer, he’s got it comin’. Great choice on the give him the pills, don’t give him the pills and of course we didn’t. Nothing more than he deserved, I know he was the killers father but his son still killed someone!

General mood: Cold Blooded, again.

Madison in the Mental Hospital


Madison is trying to find out the name of John Sheppards brother. After prompting the mother with origami and flowers, we find out. Oddly, Madison acts really shocked when she hears the name because some how she seems to know SCOTT SHELBY. Nice twist though. Scott was collecting all the evidence that might lead back to him the whole time. At first it felt wrong but on reflection a couple of days later, it seemed to work. He was investigating the parents to see if he could find any leads that would point to him.


How did Madison know Shelby? Was never apparent, maybe we missed something. Nice subtlety with extracting info from the old dear – a flower clinched it in the end – no options for a rear naked choke though, shame…

General mood: Excitment building for grand finale

Madison in Shelby’s PI office



Madison finds a secret room in Shelbys wardrobe and finds all the evidence that he’s the killer. She finds the location of Shaun. Shelby turns up and locks her in and sets fire to his apartment. We break through the wall and end up pulling an Indiana Jones by jumping the shark with a fourth movie. Sorry, still bitter about that. By hiding in a fridge to escape the blast of a gas canister. When madison gets out, she has the option to call someone to tell them where Shaun is. One of the options is to call Norman Jayden. hmm, i don’t remember either of them ever getting in touch with each other or any mention of them knowing each other. Willing to let that pass, we head out to save Shaun alone.


Gotta agree with Rich here, some confusing twists. How did Madison know these people?

General mood: Good

Madison and Shelby show down at the Docks


Near the docks, we end up fighting with Shelby. The fight leads into a shipping container area and then up a crane, as most hollywood fights near docks usually do. Shelby takes a beating up there and falls. He’s clinging to the side begging to be saved. After the bond we had built up with him, it was hard to let him fall to his death but the son of a bitch deserved it. Shaun saved and reunited with Ethan and mother. Madisons book is a best seller. She’s signing a book when someone says something along the lines of “hey, there’s a sequel coming and I’m gonna be the bad guy so suck it up, it ain’t over”

To sum up


So, how far did we go for someone we loved? Turns out pretty far. The game played well and was an excellently crafted quick-time-event-fest. It’s not changed my opinion on QTE’s as i see this as quite a unique game but if it usheres in more games of this quality and style then bring them on i say.


Good end to a very different kind of game and we all agreed it maybe some time before we played a game of the same breed but it is good for future game development, game developers need to be ballsie to push things forward.

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Geir April 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm

Damn, just by letting Jayden and Lauren die, you missed out on a lot. :P

Rich April 24, 2010 at 8:49 pm

This is one game where I’m still thinking about it weeks later. I aim to play through it again at some point.

Ivan Sharpe April 24, 2010 at 10:28 pm

You mean to say they’re mine when your friend is hoarding his beers.

Rich April 24, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Corrected, thanks for reading :)

Clayton April 26, 2010 at 9:02 am

Must admit the urge to re-visit is getting stronger…

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