Happy Birthday Rare

by Clayton on June 3, 2010

Gaming Gold...

So RARE are 25 this week… Who? I hear a lot of you cry. Well for all those who had an N64 back in the day will have played awesome titles such as Goldeneye. Its not the only platform they developed for but in my opinion some of their best work :) . The multiplayer of which spawn such games as ‘Guess which toilet cubical I’m in even though I’ve laced most of them with proximity mines’ – Well it did for us anyway. House rules such as no one plays as odd job. Solitaire controls were a must in our little gaming group too. I’m going on aren’t I…Well anyone who has put 2 TVs back to back and played 4 player on this glorious game will know what I’m on about.

Bear and bird combo - never repeated.

Cant not give a mention to Banjo Kazooie also. This little hexagon munching bird in the backpack hero has given lots of us some gaming gold im sure. Good work RARE fellas lets hope you have another 25 years.

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