Halo:Reach – She’s a beauty!

by Clayton on October 6, 2010

The usual suspects, you know who you are, all got together recently to play the biggest release for some time – Halo: Reach of course. After protesting to rich that I found the last couple of Halo offerings somewhat ‘dilute’ to say the least I was more than reluctant to pay £40 for what could become a coaster but his rich and creamy persuasive tones once again found me opening my wallet at the local Game store.

Gym – Done… Food – Done… Whiskey – poured it must be Halo time. Installed the game (naturally) onto the hard drive and buddied up on Live. SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL one game of team death match and I realised I could have a World Of Warcraft level time consumer. Everything about the game seems to flow much better; the vehicles are well balanced, appropriate and now take a flag carrier as a passenger. The weapons seem a lot ballsier and possibly one of the most surprising things is Rich decided the flag was his future weapon of choice! Simple things eh buddy ;) Nice to see t-bagging making a return to online multiplayer games and indulged in the odd ‘You’ve been powned’ dip myself.

Nice arm...

I haven’t found anything about the game I don’t like yet. After finishing the campaign on heroic it just made me want to start legendary as soon as possible – in between matchmaking of corse. Lovin’ the big team battle mode too, things get VERY hectic. All in all superb work Bungie type fellas – I still don’t see this as the end of the series…

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