Gears Of War 3 – 3D Meyhem

by Clayton on August 16, 2011

Queuing for hot dogs?

With a global release date of Tuesday 20th of September this game has got both me and Rich VERY excited. After playing the first 2 offerings to death (and maybe beyond) there was only one thing to do – have Monday and Tuesday off in an attempt to get the game early. We’re probably deluding ourselves as it’s a global release and no one is likely to get it early. According to some sources GOW3 will allow Xbox 360 owners, who also have a 3D TV, to play is stereoscopic 3D! Do we think this will add anything to the game play? HELL YEAH! Surely cleaving someone in half, 3D style with the chainsaw tip of your rifle will look super creamy (and bloody). Sadly I don’t have a 3D TV nor do I know any of my friends who have one and I doubt your local stores will have this on in store due to the age restriction. Ahhh well I have no doubt it’ll still be super sweet.

Rod Fergusson, the executive producer at Epic Games, had this to say;

“It felt like something we wanted to have. It was a feature we didn’t want to be deficient in. When you look at Gears 1, it was what people used to demo HD at the time. It’s still fledgling technology. It’s still a niche feature. But it was something we could support, so we felt, why not? It’s a little bit jaggier in certain areas. Instead of 720p you’re at five something, As you look forward, in the next XDKs [Xbox Development Kit] coming out of the Xbox, it’ll have more support for 3D or more higher quality for native support for 3D.”

The game wasn’t designed to be in 3D from the off so don’t expect it to blow your gaming minds but hey its shows growing support for 3D gaming on consoles.

My fave mode on 2 was Horde Mode. Up to 4 players attempting to defeat wave after wave of ever increasing enemies. It looks like they’ve ramped it up in 3 to include the ability to build additional defensive structures…




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