Games converted to movies? Mass Effect gets this backward formula.

by Clayton on May 26, 2010

Money for new rope? Maybe and inter-species love story?

Hollywood studio, Legendary Pictures, has gained the rights to turn Mass Effect into a big screen movie. Sorry, isn’t this traditionally the other way round? Make the movie and then make a very dilute game. I’m struggling to remember a good movie license game…there must be one at least…come on brain…Goldeneye! (Phew) Goldeneye was superb. Oh and a small guilty pleasure in the Lego Star Wars / Indy games but let’s not go there ;)

Maybe now that Avatar has shown just how great CGI can be games movies could actually have great potential. Games like mass effect that already have a good story base certainly make more sense that a movie about Doom.

“…A parable whose conflicts mirror the ones we currently face in our own world. This story emphasizes the need for all cultures to learn to work together…” Arad, the producer, commenting on the likeness to our modern society in Mass Effect.

Marcus, possibly the toughest man ever?

Other titles that have got ‘Hollywood Fever’ are Gears Of War – which again if done well would be superb! Not sure if you could find guys big enough who could also act! The word is they’ll try and use wrestlers so the size is there but talent? No disrespect to the traditional American wrestler but ‘pretending’ to be down and out and then making a miraculous recovery to then beat your opponent will not wash in a good blockbuster movie.

He has the jaw AND the stare...


“…You can be too tied to what is the game. We’re so oriented at grabbing the gaming audience; we don’t leave behind what shouldn’t be in themovie. We’re about making the best movie possible, not about making Gears of War the game into a movie… previous movies haven’t been willing to let go. We had only three pages [of notes for director Les Wiseman]. ‘Please don’t kill Marcus.’ – Comment from Rod Ferguson, the games exec producer. So who do we think should play Marcus? My vote would be Ron Pealman (Hellboy, Sons Of Anarchy, Blade II) but at the ripe old age of 60 im not sure he would have the energy for a high impact action movie (no disrespect Ron, lovin’ your work).

Heavy Rain also seems destined for the big screen although I suspect you have to wiggle the remote or bounce in a particular way in the seat at the cinema to progress the story… There’s lots of other titles rumoured to be getting big Hollywood budgets; Roller coaster Tycoon (lord knows what that will be about AND what formula they’ll adopt), Red Faction, Dead Rising and Halo to name a few but I suspect a lot will end up as pipe dreams.

Stick 'em up, now pass me some Juicy Fruit...

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