Dragon Age – It Just Keeps Giving!

by Clayton on April 9, 2010

Get Some..!

Thought I’d put a few more hours into this last night and got completely sucked in again… Finished ‘The Fade’ part – not the opening for the mage character but the nightmare sequence in the mage tower. AMAZING! That’s the word I’m going with! Truly superb, scratching my head as to the tactics needed fight the boss mage when you come back to the tower though. Being able to transmute into 4 all powerful god like characters was pretty sweet, well 3 really, the mouse wasn’t able to take down many Darkspawn :) . Found myself favouring the flaming dude due to the crazy fireball he has, anybody who likes this genre of game should get themselves a copy as soon as humanly possible. Its a shade under 12 quid from Amazon.

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