Dead Rising 2 – Always bet on Greene!

by Rich on April 22, 2010

Name that tune in one! PANG!

"Name that tune in one!"

There has been a recent deluge of new information about the up coming sequel to one of the most creative zombie games for some time.  Dead Rising 2 is being released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and is being developed by Blue Castle Games.  It will be published by Capcom and is set to release later this year.  The dates August 31st in the USA and September 3rd in Europe have now been confirmed.

The game has a new lead character, Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion.  Hopefully this foreshadows some zombie killing from the back of a dirt bike?  The game looks to be set mostly in and around Casinos based in the fictional Fortune City which is said to be realistically modelled on Las Vegas.  Chucks motivation for the game is to gather up enough zombie antidote for his daughter who has been infected.  Sorry, but I’ve always believed that the best zombie cure is a head shot from a shotgun.  Anyway, from what it seems, Chuck will be running around like this years Frank West, killing zombies in imaginative ways and rescuing survivors.

"Coming through...YOUR FACE!"

The game itself has had a new engine coded for it to deal with an increased number of on-screen zombies, at most 7000 I’ve read.  The engine also looks to have captured the charm and feel of the first game while adding some new graphical flair.  A new feature added is the weapon customization option where Chuck gets access to put together new and imaginative weapons at certain points in the game.  These weapons range from the cool “Hail Mary”, a hand grenade strapped to an American football, all the way up to the awesome and deal breaking “Paddlesaw”, two chainsaws attached to the ends of a Kayak paddle.  The player will be able to buy new customization options to create more weird and wonderful weapons  to really increase your kill potential!

Another deal breaker is the recently revealed cooperative mode, annouced at the Captivate ’10 event.  This allows the player to invite a friend to drop into their game to help with the carnage.  So far it has only been announced over Xbox Live with no offline/local mode.  Both characters will play as Chuck Greene but this shouldn’t be a problem as the amount of character customization that was in the original Dead Rising seems to have made it into the sequel.

"Oh Billy, Billy, Billy...don't let me down Billy."

"And now...The Paddlesaw!"

Capcom have also announced that they will be releasing a prequel to Dead Rising 2 on Xbox Live called Case Zero.  This is set two years after the original game and three years before the sequel.  It is set to bridge the story between the two games, hopefully involving Frank “I’ve covered wars, ya know” West.  Franks envolvment is purely my speculation, there hasn’t been any official mention of him in any of the sequels yet.  It has also been stated that there will be an as yet undisclosed cost for this prequel.  It’s set to act as a demo of the main event and also as a stand alone game that’ll last a few hours.  If priced correctly, it should do quite well and I’m quite interested in this new approach to demos.

I for one can’t wait to get back into the fray as I chop zombies up with Lawnmowers, samurai swords and what ever else comes to hand.  August/September can’t come round soon enough.

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