BFBC2 – Find your flow soldier, this is WAR!

by Clayton on April 29, 2010

So after kind of a dry spell of playing games I decided to have a couple of hours with Battlefield Bad Company 2. Seeing how I hadn’t played for a while it took me some time to find my ‘flow’. I play as an engineer so mending vehicles is my bread and butter really but still after 2 rounds I couldn’t find my pace! What was wrong with me? I play a healthy dose of FPS games and surely my skills hadn’t diminished that much since I last played? Had I had one too many beers in my time and the gaming brain cells were now starting to degrade at an alarming rate!? Looking over the servers I see a non full ‘Rush’ game map…Gravy…

Thats me on the Jet-Ski...Honest...

It’s the pace of ‘Rush’ for me and the games can be quite long so it’s a great point scoring opportunity. BAM! First game and I throw a 7,000 point finish! Sweet! Did some particularly good tank work with a fellow squad member, rush into combat, blow the crap out of a wide area then retreat for repairs – winner every time. How about you guys? I’m sure there’s people out there who get twice this score in a round – I know rich is a 4k average kinda guy. Am I actually doing well with a 7k score at the end of a round? Enlighten me fellow soldiers!

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