Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Refund or Reload..?

by Clayton on March 17, 2010

So, like most, I’ve had Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a week or so now and I think I’ve had a total of around 30 mins of trouble free multiplayer action – don’t get me wrong it was a superb 30 mins but I’ve got to admit I’m almost hankering after a refund. When you but a game like this it’s rare you’re buying it for the single player experience it’s the bragging rights and feeling of sheer contentment when you top the table for kills.

EA say they have added a ton of new servers over the weekend and granted I haven’t tried it since Saturday so I think tonight is the night for some ‘Heavy War’. I’ve followed the battlefield series right from get go and I’d hate for my love of the series to be marred by this latest offering.

Lock n’ load, see you online…

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Clayton March 18, 2010 at 10:47 am

Ok, so I need to clear up the ‘Refund or Reload’ I put in the header and can only suggest anybody who’s a fan of COD goes out and buys this game AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! It’s truly superb, couldn’t get off in in fact. Incredibly accurate weapons, hectic gameplay, massive vehicles, fully destructive environment with trigger elements – oh yes EA, good work. In future though will you make sure you have enough servers, thanks ;)

Alex "MasterSession" Innes March 18, 2010 at 3:03 pm

There is a potentially misleading section in the above Battlefield article, and whilst it’s not a direct claim of accomplishment, its an implication that at some point in your Battlefield career you have found yourself at the top of the scores table! You, i, and all who have been graced with your gaming presence know that this formentioned feeling of contentment attained from topping the tables is a feeling you have never experienced. I see your little bald…disappointed face flashing before my eyes as i type this, but i know, alas, it is the truth. One day my friend you will get to the top of the table…you will!

Clayton March 18, 2010 at 3:55 pm

Hahahaha!! I like it! I can only hope to achieve your ‘Omnipotent’ level of gaming skill Al. I do recall a certain someone in an often hastily retreating Mech with no guns left on his carapace, torso ablaze and a rapid decrease in speed due to a 50lb shell colliding with his Mechs legs! “Wheres Al, oh look, here he comes! Well whats left of him…” Ahhhh Chromehounds, good times ;)

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