Battlefield 3 guide to fast ranking and fast unlocks.

by Clayton on June 18, 2012

I often spend time looking around the internet to find guides to weapons and classes – some of which are useful but most are pretty rubbish. I’ve put in a generous amount of hours now so I decided to collate a few tips that I’ve found useful through playing and NOT through skimming the net.

I LOVED playing the engineer as it seemed like they were the most versatile but if you want to rank up I feel it’s easier to use other classes. Engineers should only really be used on a map which is dripping with vehicles, yes this sounds obvious but it’s their main way of scoring. That said unless you’re an absolute surgeon with rocket launchers again it’s difficult to score big.

One thing’s for certain in BF3 people are going to die and die a LOT! The sooner you get the defibrillator unlocked the better. Revives are worth good points.

OK, not a great deal of advice so far all obvious facts really but here it comes…

If you want to score big in BF3 here’s my golden nuggets. Choose the assault class coupled with the defibrillator and play conquest on metro. There, see, fantastic advice delivered in one sentence! Although I should elaborate a little – choosing a weapon is really personal choice. You could use a pistol and get as many kills as an automatic weapon, more bullets does not mean greater accuracy. For the metro level I personally use the FAMAS due to its incredible rate of fire – more bullets on target = more damage, simples. A KOBRA RDS (red dot sight) this is a great sight as you get more accuracy but it doesn’t fill the screen with too much additional crap around the outside of the scope. Perfect for the confines of the Metro level. I also use the flash suppressor as since the patch this helps with vertical climb and likewise does the foregrip. This combo for me is a real winner but like I said earlier there’s no attachment for ‘Make Me Shoot Straight’ if there were we’d all use it :) Drop your medkits in key locations – you’ll know where these are ‘cos they’ll also be corpses here.

If you fancy playing a different class try the Support role. I also found this to deliver points in spades. Dropping ammo crates provides a nice drip feed of points and supressing fire on key breach areas also provides a delicious amount of points.

I can’t really vouch for the Recon role as I don’t play it much and maybe if you do you could add some useful info to this post.

So in summary if you want fast unlocks and an ass ton of points choose Assault or Support, get on Metro (preferably just the underground train area) and start blasting the crap out of your enemy! Remember folks this is just my opinion there maybe those among you who know better ways and if you do I’m all ears :) Oh and one last thing choose a Metro level with minimal or no explosives as the choke points just get peppered with grenades and underslug junk – trust me, it’ll be better.

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