Awesome gaming for Android phones? Don’t mind if I do.

by Clayton on January 17, 2012

I’ve been diversifying from standard gaming of late. A while ago the Android Market Place had a ‘sale’ of sorts where they sold loads of apps and games for between 10p and 15p – bargain at twice the price. So naturally I bought pretty much all of them. I encouraged the usual suspects to buy them also. I’d not really bothered with them until Rich asked me if I’d played a little game called Game Dev Story, I naturally haven’t as I’m probably like most gamers in the sense I buy a ton of games in sales (dam you Steam) and then don’t bother with them for ages. So I fired up this tiny game on my phone and played it…and played it and played it…

What a ridiculously simple game! You take on the role of a game studio boss developing different games. There are 4 aspects to the game – fun, creativity, graphics and sound controlled by the skill levels of the staff you can employ all with the goal of creating a top selling game. There’s other little quirks too like showing out at game shows, award ceremonies for the best games of the year and ‘Hall Of Fame’ accolades for the best games you create. If you make a game that earns itself a place in the Hall Of Fame you can then make a sequel with slightly boosted scores to start. There are different platforms to develop for all with equally familiar yet comical names. It’s a winner! It’s currently £1.60p on the market place, go on, treat yourself.

Another winner I’ve been playing is Fieldrunners HD. We’ve all seen tower defence games and this one is no different it’s just done really well. Maybe its playing HD games on a phone, maybe I just like taking the sting out of long journeys or maybe it was cheap as chips and im a gamer at heart! A bunch of fast firing turrets and having to adopt a funnelling tactic to achieve the 100 wave goal to open up additional game modes. This one, sadly, has increased to £1.90p…


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