Still, Cool As… Well it’s pretty conceptual really, always wanted to air my views about various news articles I thought were either interesting or so totally out of touch they deserved ridicule but it’s still just my own opinion so if you disagree please feel free to challenge it. As you may already know i’m also an avid gamer and love to talk about up and coming releases or simply what we’re playing at present.  The name came from a great t-shirt my best friend had when we were teenagers so it seemed fitting to try and craft something around that fond memory. It’s getting tougher and tougher to talk ‘Tech’ to people I meet and I’m thankful I work with fellow geeks – some more than others you understand. Watching my girlfriends eyes glaze over when I’m trying to explain the inner workings of PC’s or even something as simple as suggesting the presence of dark matter in the universe even though there is still limited proof reminds me that these conversations have to be carefully placed…

Anyhoot I hope you enjoy the blog, I sure welcome your opinions too so don’t be shy – post a reply or even get in touch, me and Rich would love to hear from fellow gamers. Contact Details Here

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